Building & Property Management

Are you an occupying owner and/or investor? Entrust us your corporate real estate!

Our Strengths

  • Responsible for all practical aspects: financial, technical, administrative and legal
  • Create tailor-made solutions
  • Develop rental capital gain
  • Prevent rental vacancy
  • Coordinate 24/24 intervention
  • Regular reporting
  • Improve your annual profitability

Technical Management

  • Guarantee maintenance and technical installations
  • Detect possible problems and even anticipate them
  • Analyze technical evaluations to optimize expenses
  • Provide innovative solutions, particularly in energy

Financial Management

  • Keep the accounts and send monthly or quarterly reports
  • Establish the provisional budgets
  • Negotiate the financial conditions of subcontractors and aim at cost reduction
  • Collect rents and provisions
  • Index rents
  • Use the strength of Trevi Group (via the TREA team) to lower your fire insurance premiums

Commercial relationships and administrative follow-up

  • Boosting marketing: rental vacancies must be avoided
  • Analyze with the brokerage any changes to be made to the rental properties and the values to be applied
  • Non-exclusive use of TREVI brokerage services
  • Negotiation and completion of leases
  • Regular contact with the tenants: a happy tenant stays longer


For a better collaboration of working together in co-ownership, TREVI Services offers you its solutions!

Do you share the ownership of a building with other companies? You are therefore a co-owner!

  • Whatever the size of your building, a trustee must be appointed.
  • The trustee is the sole and compulsory element of your co-ownership. They manage the building in your name and on your behalf. They execute or have executed the decisions taken by the general meeting.
  • So, call upon the services of a specialist
  • TREVI has more than 50 years of experience, a multidisciplinary team, a real approach for cost reduction and transparent communication through its website.
  • Define yourself your co-ownership profile to receive an offer tailored to your needs.

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Key Figures

+ 400 000 m2 managed
1 single point of contact
35 agencies in Belgium

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