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A first contact completely for free!

  • An essential step to get started
  • In-depth visit of your property by one of our experts
  • Document analysis (expenses, plans, leases, etc.)
  • Submission of an evaluation file (« Example : Focus on My Property »)
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You opted for Trevi!

We prepare your sales file in every aspect:

Administrative –  Urban Planning
Good information ensures a sale with total peace of mind!

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Let’s get started: the Trevi machine is launched!

Relaunching of our requesters: 100,000 people in Belgium and abroad
30% of our sales are made in the first 3 weeks
Photo report by a professional
At advertising level:

Your property in XL format on all major websites (Immoweb, Vlan, Logic-Immo, Zimmo, …)
Your property in the most important “paper” media
Your property on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …)

Free Estimation Step 4

The sale becomes reality!

Negotiation of the sale conditions
Verification of the financial ability of the buyer
Completion of the sales agreement with your notary
Support until the deed of sale
Congratulations, you sold your property at the best conditions.

With Trevi, you knock on the right door!

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Are you an owner?

Let our professionals take care of the sale of your property.

To sell your property, you need to have a whole series of compulsory documents (on pain of a fine) but don't worry, we'll take care of it!

Administrative procedures:

  • For the sale of your property, you need a whole series of mandatory documents (under penalty of fine). But rest assured, we will take care of it!
  • Request for urban planning information
  • PEB
  • Analysis of the urban planning situation + advice
  • Lease analysis
  • Analysis of the title deed

A successful sale is first of all an optimal promotion of your property

  • Photo report by a professional within 3 days
  • Full description (technical, legal, financial) within 3 days
  • Installation of a signboard (if owner agrees) within 5 days
  • Launch on all the biggest Belgian websites (Immoweb, Vlan, Logic-immo, Zimmo + our 35 Belgian agencies).
  • Launch of the press campaign (newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Launch on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Trevi invest

Selling your investment property

A team specialised in real estate investment to manage all the specific aspects of an investment property sale

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Make an appointment with one of our specialists for a 100% free and non-binding professional assessment.

Our real estate agent will draw up a valuation report which will take into account all the valuation criteria specific to your property.

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