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A life annuity is a contract under which the owner (the creditor) sells a property to a purchaser (the debtor), in return for payment of a price converted into an initial capital sum, known as the Bouquet, with the balance being paid in the form of tax-free life annuities.

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Why sell a life annuity?

Selling a life annuity is the solution chosen by many senior citizens in order to receive a large sum of capital as well as an index-linked monthly annuity, net of tax.

  • Settle your estate by allowing a spouse who is not an owner to benefit from an annuity
    Help your heirs financially (e.g. by donating the bouquet)

  • Longer life expectancy as a corollary of the “Papy Boom” era, and therefore an increase in the number of pensioners.

      • Staying in your own home while benefiting from a financial income – in this way, the capital tied up in the property is made liquid.
      • Want to improve your daily life and benefit from a financial supplement

    Live more comfortably by carrying out some renovation work

    • Early repayment of a loan


  • The financial crisis and the euro, combined with a certain mistrust of banks.

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The advantages of a life annuity

A regular income supplement

Secure a regular, index-linked, tax-free income supplement through a lump-sum payment and an annuity that act as a second pension.

Great savings in prospect

Savings on co-ownership charges, withholding tax and rental management, depending on the type of life annuity offered.

Stay in your property until you die

You can stay in your property until you die, in a neighbourhood that you know and love, close to all the amenities.

Enjoy your retirement

Settle your estate during your lifetime and make the most of your retirement.

The 2 types of life annuity

You occupy your property

OCCUPIED life annuity

An interesting solution for continuing to keep the usufruct of your property, until your death, for yourself and/or your spouse! This is the most common type of life annuity.

  • Benefit from an annuity while living in your own home
  • Relieve yourself of some of the cost of major renovation work
  • Rent out your property and receive the rent if you leave early
Free up your property

FREE life annuity

For those who do not or no longer live in the property and wish to avoid the hassle of rental management.

  • Regular income without the disadvantages of rental management
  • No charges, taxes or property deductions to pay
  • Obtaining a higher sale price, depending on the seller's age

Selling a life annuity: 4 steps