Professional and Personalized Support

We offer a comprehensive real estate valuation by conducting an in-depth visit of your property, followed by a detailed evaluation report, the “Focus on my property.” Additionally, we handle all mandatory administrative formalities. Our extensive database of investors enables us to effectively market your property and negotiate offers with potential buyers.
With 43 years of experience, our reputation and credibility are unparalleled, and our affiliation with the EMERIA Group provides us with comprehensive support in all real estate disciplines.

Personalized and Professional Tax Assistance

  • One of our experts conducts a thorough visit of your investment property and provides an evaluation report (link to “Focus on my property invest”).

  • We gather information from the municipality regarding the property’s actual designation.

  • We analyze documents, expenses, plans, and leases to calculate potential return on investment.

  • We assist with all necessary administrative procedures (EPB, fuel tank inspections, etc.).

  • We showcase and enhance your property through a professionally curated presentation dossier.

  • We reach out to our investor database and list your property on various real estate portals, including our platform and the websites of our 35 partners (link to investment properties category on

  • We negotiate the terms of the sale, verify the financial capacity of potential buyers, draft the sales agreement with your notary, and provide support until the final deed of sale.

Our added values

The largest investor database in Belgium

Efficiency of our sales force

Credibility with over 40 years' experience

Support from the EMERIA Group, which encompasses all property-related businesses

Mastery of values: large portfolio of points of comparison

Personalised, professional tax advice

Calculating the return on an investment property