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New Construction Projects

  • Departments exclusively dedicated to the sale of new real estate projects
  • 100% Team 100% Trilingual
  • Each project is under the responsibility of a project manager
  • New projects all over Belgium with our 35 Trevi Partners
  • Customer approaches: Investors-Occupants-Institutional

A sales team at your service

Choosing Trevi means benefiting from a specialized team in new projects, offering real estate, commercial, tax, and financial expertise, for a hassle-free buying experience and an optimal real estate investment.

A commercial and professional approach focused on NEW

A unique service for developers

TREVI is active in all segments of the residential real estate market. From entry-level properties (<2,500€ per square meter) to prestigious properties exceeding 5,000€ per square meter, we offer a competitive and dynamic service. We have observed that our team excels in every segment, mastering all types of properties and adapting its commercial approach accordingly.

Discover our service for developers

The 7 benefits of buying a new property

Discover the 7 benefits of buying a new property

Discover the 7 advantages

7 steps to buying a new property

Discover the 7 steps to buying a new property

The 7 seps

Buying Off-Plan: The Breyne Law in Ten Points

When it comes to off-plan sales, the protection currently afforded to purchasers has not always existed.

The Breyne law in ten points

Sale of New construction Properties under VAT Regime

What is a “new” property? When does the VAT regime apply to the sale of a new building? Three conditions must be met to benefit from this regime. What are the procedures to follow in case of resale of a new property? As well as the advantages of a reduced VAT rate of 6% for renovation works carried out on a property over 10 years old used for private purposes.

Sales under the VAT regime