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The 7 Advantages of Buying a New Property

There are 7 major advantages to buying a new-build property:

1.Ten-Year Warranty:

When you purchase a new property, you benefit from a 10-year warranty provided jointly by the developer, architect, and contractor, covering any stability or waterproofing issues. Additionally, you receive a warranty for various fittings (plumbing, heating, kitchen, household appliances, etc.) for a minimum of 1 year from the provisional acceptance of your apartment.

2.Completion Guarantee:

The Breyne Law requires developers to provide a bank guarantee ensuring the completion of the property at agreed-upon financial conditions. This means you only pay for completed works based on a predetermined schedule, and you can be certain of the delivery of your apartment. Trevi ensures these guarantees are perfectly respected before any sales commitment.

3.Choice of Modern Finishes:

When you choose a new property, you have the freedom to select finishes according to your preferences, including parquet, tiles, kitchen, bathroom, etc. All will be done with modern technical and design standards. Older apartments, on the other hand, may require updates to meet current bathroom and kitchen standards.

4.Major Renovations: Nonexistent!

One aspect often overlooked by investors is the obligation to maintain a property in good rental condition. By purchasing a 20 or 30-year-old apartment, you may be required to contribute to roof replacement, refreshing common areas, elevator compliance, terrace refurbishment, boiler replacement, and more. With new properties, you avoid these potential issues and expenses for 20 to 30 years, making it worth considering. New buildings generally require fewer charges and a very low reserve fund.

5.Energy Efficiency:

normes généralisées sur tous les biens immeubles.
The energy quality requirements imposed on developers by the authorities have become strict, which is a positive development. Owning a new property means it complies with strict energy standards, including Passive House Energy Performance Certificate (PEB). This means lower energy costs for tenants and avoids future expenses to bring the building up to future generalized standards for all properties. A property with a good PEB certificate will attract tenants who are attracted to lower heating costs for the same surface area.

6.Acoustic Quality:

New buildings adhere to stringent acoustic standards. Developers and architects involve acoustic engineers to design structures with excellent sound insulation, using appropriate and efficient materials.

7.Spaces Aligned with Modern Expectations:

Society and living habits evolve, and so do our expectations for housing.