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The Different Stages of Buying a New Property

Discover the 7 stages of purchasing a new real estate property

The Different Stages of Your Acquisition

1.Reservation of the Apartment

2.Sending of all Legal Documents

Sending all legal documents to your notary (urban planning permit, draft agreement, plans, specifications, etc.)

3.Signing of the Sales Agreement

4.Lifting of the Suspensive Condition for Your Mortgage

Once the suspensive condition for your mortgage is lifted (according to the schedule of modifications), you can make appointments with various suppliers.

5.Signing of the Authentic Deed

4 months after the lifting of the suspensive conditions, a complete statement will be provided, including:

6.Payment after Your Deed

As the construction progresses, the developer will send you invoices accompanied by the architect’s certificate for each completed construction phase until provisional acceptance.

7.End of Construction

*except for special cases

Your Breyne Law Guarantees: _ Completion Guarantee _ One-Year Guarantee for Hidden Defects between Provisional Acceptance and Final Acceptance _ Ten-Year Warranty _ Compensation in Case of Construction Delays