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Buying Off-Plan: The Breyne Law in Ten Points

When it comes to off-plan sales, the protection currently afforded to purchasers has not always existed…

When does the law apply?

The law covers buildings under construction located in Belgium, primarily intended for residential use. It applies when, at the time of the authentic deed of acquisition, the promised works by the seller, developer, or contractor are not completed or even started.

The last condition is that the owner of the work (the one who commissioned the works) must assume successive payment tranches until the completion of the works. If the owner wishes to personally coordinate the works and contractually engages multiple contractors, or if the construction is limited to the closed shell, the law does not apply.

Transformation or extension works will only be covered by the Breyne Law if mentioned in the property transfer agreement. They must also be of a certain importance (80% of the property sale price, with a minimum of 18,600 EUR).

The 10 Points of the Breyne Law

What protections are provided?