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TREVI is a company specialized in residential real estate brokerage in Belgium and is part of the Immobilier Emeria group, which brings together brands specialized in buying and selling real estate, condominium management, rental management, and property management across Europe.

At Trevi, we are a team of IPI-certified brokers with in-depth knowledge of each aspect of the residential and new real estate markets. We hold a leading position thanks to the expertise of our various departments, such as TREVI New Real Estate, TREVI Sales, Trevi Viager (life annuity), Trevi Invest, Trevi Patrimonial, Trevi Rentals, and Trevi Relocation.

Our commitment is to pursue one single objective: “to better serve our clients every day.” Trevi accompanies more than 22,218 clients at every stage of their lives, whether it’s their first rental or real estate purchase, building a portfolio, or supplementing their income.


Trevi Trust Monitor (Trevi Index)

The Trevi Trust Monitor was launched on 01/01/2022, replacing the TREVI Index launched in January 2005. It provides a prospective analysis of the real estate market: How will the Belgian real estate market evolve? It complements the analyses conducted by Statbel and notaries, which focus on the past and provide a retrospective view of the real estate market.

Trevi Trust Monitor

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Specialized in the residential sector, our objective is to efficiently assist you in buying, renting, or selling your real estate properties, leveraging our extensive market experience. Trust our team of experienced IPI-certified brokers to guide you through the process.

Management Team

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If you are looking for more than just a sign or a brand, but a structured and reliable partner led by experienced real estate professionals, what follows will be of great interest to you.

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