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A sales team at your service

Choosing Trevi means benefiting from a specialized team in new projects, offering real estate, commercial, tax, and financial expertise, for a hassle-free buying experience and an optimal real estate investment.

Real estate expertise:

Our sales representatives at Trevi are well-versed in the Breyne law and construction techniques, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing solid expertise throughout the process of buying a new property.

Commercial expertise:

Our specialized team in new real estate satisfies both investors and owner-occupiers. Our daily mission since 1980 is to find the ideal apartment that meets your criteria, whether they are primarily financial for investors or more subjective for owner-occupiers.

Tax expertise:

Our agents are experts in real estate taxation. They will provide valuable advice regarding tax deductions and investment schemes, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your financial situation.

Financial/Banking expertise:

Our sales representatives will establish a comprehensive financial plan to assess your mortgage credit capacity. Their financial expertise will guide you in analyzing your resources, income, and expenses, ensuring the viability of your investment.