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A unique service for developers

TREVI is active in all segments of the residential real estate market. From entry-level properties (<2,500€ per square meter) to prestigious properties exceeding 5,000€ per square meter, we offer a competitive and dynamic service. We have observed that our team excels in every segment, mastering all types of properties and adapting its commercial approach accordingly.

New Construction Project Management

  • Developer Contacts
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Analysis of plans, deeds, specifications
  • Determination of the sales price grid
  • Marketing/Advertising Advice
  • Legal Advice

Our sales representatives must meet 4 imperative criteria:

Real Estate Expertise

(Breyne Law, building techniques…)

Commercial Expertise

Our team must continuously perform and master sales techniques. Continuous training supports them.

Tax Expertise

Each sales representative masters real estate taxation and can provide initial advice to buyers.

Financial/Banking Expertise

Each sales representative must be able to create a financial plan to assess mortgage credit capacity.

Reasons for our Success:

  • Our investors want a complete service: Sales – Rental, especially Property Management with our in-house companies OP and Rencura.

  • We provide market-based values: our extensive database allows a very realistic assessment of property values.

    We collaborate closely in establishing the sales price grid: a crucial point.

    We organize precise reporting and regularly propose new revitalization initiatives.

  • Trevi places importance on media presence.

  • Sales contracts including possible incentives based on results: challenges motivate us!

    Contracts are only automatically renewed if jointly agreed-upon objectives are met.

    Clear and precise commitments in terms of advertising & marketing with quarterly updated media plans.

    Your property highlighted on our website and social media!

  • Over 100,000 clients in the Trevi database.

…And above all, we’re making sure that we sell the last units !!!

They trust us!