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TREVI JVC IMMO agency in Waremme and Hannut

Waremme, Hannut, Braives, Berloz, Remicourt, Oreye, Avennes, Landen, Bovenistier, Geer, Hélécine, Gingelom, Heers, Pousset

TREVI JVC IMMO your real estate agency specializing in the Hesbaye region: Waremme, Hannut…

Agency presentation

Welcome to TREVI JVC IMMO, your partner for all your real estate projects in the Hesbaye region.

On a human scale, but backed by a national network of 35 agencies, our aim is to put our many skills at your service for your real estate transactions.

We offer you

We listen carefully to your needs in order to find and advise you on the solutions best suited to your situation;
Our availability and constant commitment to you;
Our knowledge of the real estate market;
Our experience and professionalism for an honest and realistic valuation of your property;
Nationwide distribution of your property via our multi-platforms (WEB, social media, etc.);
Professional-quality photos, aerial photos, videos, etc. ;
Home staging support;
The strength of a national network and the flexibility of a local player.
Do you want to sell or rent your property? Would you like a free estimate or to find out more? Our specialists are at your disposal to advise and assist you in your real estate transactions in the Hesbaye region: Waremme, Hannut…

Contact us on +32 19 322 555 or by email at info@jvcimmo.be

You can also follow us on our LinkedIn page.

Our team