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TREVI Tessier agency in Gembloux

Aische-En-Refail, Archennes, Beauvechain, Beuzet, Boignee, Bomal, Bonlez, Bossut-Gottechain, Chastre-Villeroux, Chaumont-Gistoux, Corbais, Corroy-Le-Grand, Cortil-Noirmont,…

Experts and real estate agents at your service to rent or buy a house or appartment in Gembloux & its region.

Agency presentation

Passionate and with a network of 35 agencies, our ambition is to become one of the key players in eastern Walloon Brabant and northern Namur.

As a multi-service agency, our team can help you with all your real estate projects. Our availability and professionalism guarantee you a smooth sale at the best price.

Thanks to the expertise and reputation of the Trevi real estate network, we can offer your property optimum visibility.

The Trevi network has over 35 agencies, including 3 in Walloon Brabant and 4 in the province of Namur.

All the agencies in the Trevi network work together to present your property to as many candidates as possible.

Do you have a question? A free estimate? Our specialists are at your disposal to advise and assist you with your real estate transactions in the Gembloux, Chastre, Sombreffe, Perwez, Walhain, Jodoigne and other regions.

For questions, advice or a free valuation of your property, please contact us on 081/34.13.55 or by email at info@trevitessier.be.

Our team