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TREVI LOGIS agencies in Nivelles and La Louvière

Nivelles, Genappe, Villers-La-Ville, La Louvière, Seneffe, Manage, Braine-l’Alleud, Haut-Ittre, Les Bons Villers, …
Experts and real estate agents at your service to rent or buy a house or appartment in Nivelles & its region.

Agency presentation

L’agence immobilière TREVI LOGIS est implantée au cœur de Nivelles pour gérer un secteur en pleine expansion couvrant les communes de :
Nivelles (comprenant: Nivelles, Monstreux, Baulers, Bornival et Thines)
Genappe (comprenant: Genappe, Baisy-Thy, Bousval, Glabais, Houtain-le-Val, Loupoigne, Vieux-Genappe et Ways)
Villers-La-Ville (comprenant: Villers-La-Ville, Marbais, Mellery, Sart-Dames-Avelines et Tilly)
Seneffe (comprenant: Seneffe, Arquennes, Familleureux, Feluy et Petit-Roeulx-lez-Nivelles)
La Louvière (comprenant: La Louvière, Haine-St-Paul, Haine-St-Pierre, Saint-Vaast, Trivières, Boussoit, Houdeng-Aimeries, Maurage, Strepy-Bracquegnies, Bois-d’Haine, Fayt-Lez-Manage, La Hestre et Manage)
Les Bons Villers (comprenant: Les Bons Villers, Frasnes-lez-Gosselies, Rêves, Villers-Perwin, Wayaux et Mellet)
Haut-Ittre et Braine-l’Alleud (comprenant: Braine-l’Alleud, Ophain-Bois-Seigneur-Isaac et Lillois-Witterzée)

The brand was founded 20 years ago under the name Trevi Brabant and its first office in the southern outskirts of Brussels. The success of the project and the real estate enthusiasm for South Walloon Brabant allowed us to open, in May 2017, your local agency in Nivelles.
TREVI LOGIS is a member of the TREVI PARTNER network, the leading Belgian real estate network (35 agencies in Belgium).
This network has grown significantly thanks to an innovative approach to real estate. Professionalism at all times, the application of modern communication techniques, the choice of efficient collaborators, all arguments which have allowed the Trevi Partner network to occupy a leading position in its market.
With its experience, the young and dynamic sales team differentiates itself by a perfect knowledge of the local market and its different real estate regulations but also by a modern approach to real estate (drone, professional HD photos, active presence on social networks , XL visibility, etc.)
The agency is located at the back of the Willambroux farm (at the back of the Nivelles Shopping Centre). Ample free parking awaits you there.
A question ? A free estimate ?
Our specialists are at your disposal to advise you as best as possible and assist you in your real estate transactions in the region of Nivelles, La Louvière, Genappe, Villers-La-Ville, Seneffe, Les Bons Villers, Manage, Haut-Ittre, Braine Alleud…
See you there.

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