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Investing in Viager, an Alternative to Consider!

Viager offers advantageous financial and tax solutions, allowing you to purchase a property while making a secure and wise investment


A 75-year-old woman sells a villa in life annuity with a limited annuity for 15 years.

  • Market value of the property: €400,000
  • Bouquet (initial payment): €40,000
  • Viager with the seller occupying the property: Monthly annuity of €1,389
  • Viager with the property free of any occupation: Monthly annuity of €2,718
  • Total cost of the acquisition with a seller living in the property until the end of the 15 years (non-integrated annuity indexation): €290,080 + deed fees

Viager is, therefore, an attractive financial and tax solution!

Buying a property in life annuity means making a secure and wise investment. There are no management fees or additional taxes, no loans or bank interests. By purchasing multiple viagers, the buyer-investor can eliminate the risk of paying longer than expected and leverage the financing of viagers to build an exceptional real estate portfolio, with TREVI handling everything in advance!