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Rent Indexation in Belgium

In Belgium, the indexation of residential rent is governed by law and is based on the health index, also known as the consumer price index. Here are the steps to calculate the indexation of residential rent in Belgium:

Important points to bear in mind

Check the lease agreement:

Ensure that your lease agreement explicitly states that the rent will be indexed according to the health index. This must be mentioned in the lease contract for the indexation to be applicable.

Determine the reference period:

Rent indexation is typically done on an annual basis, using the health index published by the Federal Public Service Economy (SPF Economy). You need to identify the reference period stated in the indexation clause of your lease for which you want to perform the indexation.

Check the health index:

The SPF Economy regularly publishes the health index on its official website. Look for the index corresponding to the chosen reference period.


Calculate the indexation:

Use the following formula to calculate the indexation:

New rent = Old rent x (new index / old index)

In this formula, the new index is the health index of the current reference period, and the old index is the health index of the previous reference period.

Respect the deadlines:

According to Belgian legislation, the rent indexation must be notified in writing to the tenant at least one month before the date of the indexation’s effect. The landlord must provide a written notification specifying the new index, the old rent, and the newly indexed rent.

Specific Rules:

It is important to note that the specific rules on rent indexation may vary slightly depending on the region in Belgium.

Please note that there is currently a restriction on rent indexation in all regions based on the energy performance certificate (PEC). You can find more information on this topic on the web pages of the competent regional authorities of Flanders, Wallonia, the German-speaking Community, and Brussels-Capital.

With Trevi, You Receive Automatic Rent Indexation:

As a Trevi client, you no longer need to worry about the complex calculations related to the indexation of your residential lease. Our computerized system automatically performs this calculation based on official reference indices. This ensures the accuracy and objectivity of the indexation calculation.

Once the calculation is done, you will receive an email informing you of the applied indexation to your residential lease.

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