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10 Mistakes to Avoid If You Plan to Rent Your Property

Is it really easy to consider renting your property without a real estate agency to assist you?

Due to the current economic situation, access to property ownership has become increasingly restricted for the Belgian population. Inflation has affected all macroeconomic areas of society, and real estate is no exception. Purchasing power has decreased, and mortgage rates have risen, preventing many families from investing in property. As a result, we have observed an increase in individuals wishing to rent a property while they save up for a potential purchase. Property owners who do not wish to sell at the moment and prefer to wait for a change in the economic context are venturing into the rental market. In this article, Trevi discusses the 10 pitfalls to avoid when renting your property for a hassle-free experience.

The 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Your Property

A More Complex Journey Than You Might Think

As you can see, renting your property alone can sometimes become a real ordeal with various legal specificities to respect, mandatory modalities, and pitfalls to avoid. Talking to a professional could, therefore, save you many headaches in the long run. Trevi has a team of agents in its rental department who put their skills at the service of property owners. Their goal? Taking care of the property owners’ rental process and serving as an intermediary and mediator between the landlord and the tenant.