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The 9 Steps of Selling a Patrimonial Company

1.Valuation of your company’s real estate assets.

With a network spread across Belgium and expertise in various property types, from residential to commercial, TREVI is the ideal partner to assess the value of the properties owned by your company based on their specific characteristics. The following parameters are used for the valuation:

If necessary, our department collaborates closely with several expert offices for a more in-depth valuation.


2.Overall valuation of the shares/equity interests of your company.

An important aspect is the precise valuation of the shares or equity interests. This requires high-level technical skills. To ensure a realistic valuation, TREVI Patrimonial takes into account factors such as:

If needed, our department also collaborates closely with an accounting firm for technical tax and fiscal matters.


3.Legal and tax advice to optimize the transfer.

Based on the valuation obtained, we will explore together how to optimize the transfer of your shares or equity interests to achieve the best possible result during the marketing process.


4.Compilation of a sales dossier.

A crucial document, a precise, objective, and fair presentation dossier is essential for an effective negotiation (see below for the list of necessary documents). Our team may engage the services of a professional photographer, if deemed useful, to enhance the presentation of the real estate property(ies).



The marketing of your company and the commercial expertise of our TREVI Patrimonial department are crucial elements of the sales process. You will have access to our database of private and professional buyers, as well as real estate companies seeking to invest through such vehicles. We will present and promote your sales dossier to potential buyers and investors in our database. To protect you from any unpleasant surprises, we will verify the financial solvency of potential buyers



Once a candidate is selected, it is essential to negotiate the price and all related sale conditions before proceeding with the due diligence exercise.


7.Organizing the due diligence

We will centralize and provide the necessary documents to the buyer for the due diligence study, ensuring an efficient and rapid process. While conducted by the buyer, we will support and follow up during the due diligence.


8.Preparation and negotiation of the share or equity interest transfer agreement

Prepared by our department, this agreement will secure the entire transfer process in your best interests.


9.Closing the transfer

Finally, we will accompany you during the signing of the agreement, share register, creation of potential guarantees, general meeting minutes, and other mandatory steps during the change of shareholding.