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Your Family Is Growing, and You Need a Larger Property?

When your family expands with the arrival of an additional child, it may become necessary to move from an apartment to a more spacious dwelling, such as a larger apartment or a house. In this article, we will present the key steps to follow to sell your current property and simultaneously purchase a new home that meets your needs.

Points to bear in mind

Property Valuation

Before putting your property up for sale, it is essential to have it evaluated by a real estate agent to set a realistic price.
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Search for a New Property

Begin searching for a new property that suits your expanded family and fits your budget. Consider criteria such as location, size, and nearby amenities, e.g., schools. Make sure the neighborhood where you are considering buying offers quality educational institutions that meet your family’s educational needs. Through our partnership with Yatmo, all properties featured on our website trevi.be are contextualized with nearby schools, stores, public transport, and more.


Evaluate your financing options for purchasing the new property. If you need a mortgage loan, consult different banks to compare offers and interest rates. If you already have a mortgage on your current property, inquire about the terms for transferring this loan to the new property and any remaining payments.


Carefully plan the timing between the sale of your current property and the purchase of the new home. Ensure you have enough time to find a new property and complete all necessary administrative procedures. Inform your real estate agent that you will need to stay in your current property for a specific period.

Property Condition

Before selling your property, identify any potential issues or necessary repairs with your real estate agent. This will allow you to adjust the sale price accordingly or take action to resolve these problems before the sale.


Plan your move to minimize disruptions. Organize the transportation of your belongings and consider the key handover timelines between the sale and purchase of the new property. Ensure your new home has enough space and amenities to comfortably accommodate your entire family.

Bridge Loan or Interim Loan

In Belgium, when you wish to buy a new property before selling your current property, you can consider a bridge loan, also known as an interim loan or transition loan. It is a temporary loan that allows you to finance the purchase of the new property while waiting for the sale of your existing property. Here are some important points to consider regarding the bridge loan:
Advantages: The bridge loan offers certain advantages, including the ability to quickly purchase the new property without waiting for the sale of the current property. This avoids the need to find temporary accommodation or miss an opportunity due to temporary lack of liquidity.

Temporary Occupancy by the Seller after the Deed's Signature

When you sell your property, it is possible to agree on a clause allowing the seller to remain in the property after the authentic deed’s signature for a specified period to facilitate their transition to a new home. In this section, we will explain the fundamental principles of this temporary occupancy.
The property transfer will take place on the day of the authentic deed’s signature. However, the seller will continue to occupy the property for a maximum period of X months from the date of signature. During this period, the seller will pay a monthly indemnity of X euros in exchange for this occupation.
It is important to note that the seller commits to occupying the property as a good father (or mother) and that only the seller and their family have the right to reside in it. The seller cannot transfer this right of occupancy to anyone else. Additionally, the seller must take out an all-risk “occupant” insurance and maintain it until the end of the agreed-upon occupancy period.
It is also essential to note that all furniture and personal belongings of the seller that are not part of the sale must be removed by the seller, and the property must be returned in clean condition on the agreed date for the release of the premises.
In conclusion, the clause allowing temporary occupancy by the seller after the authentic deed’s signature allows for organizing a transition period for the seller before definitively leaving the sold property. However, it is essential to adhere to the agreed-upon commitments and conditions between the parties to avoid any disputes or inconveniences.


Simultaneously selling, buying, and acquiring a new property can be a complex process, especially when your family is growing. Besides selling your current house or apartment, you will also need to find and purchase a new property that meets the needs of your expanding family.
It is highly recommended to consult with professionals such as real estate agents to guide you throughout this process and ensure the success of your transactions. At Trevi, with our 43 years of experience in the field, we understand the challenges families may face when buying a new property while selling their current property. We are accustomed to supporting families in this specific situation, and we would be delighted to assist you in your real estate project, providing the expertise and support needed to successfully complete your transaction and find the perfect home for your growing family.

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