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Our Rental Value Estimation Checklist

Welcome to our checklist for the rental evaluation of real estate properties, designed for property owners! As experienced real estate agents, we understand the importance of maximizing the rental return on your investment property. This list will guide you through the key factors to consider when estimating the rent for your property. Here’s what our Trevi Rental departments take into account:

The points in our checklist


The geographical location of the property is a determining factor in setting the rent. We will assess the location, taking into account nearby amenities, access to public transportation, proximity to schools, shops, parks, etc.


The size of the property, expressed in square meters, is an important criterion for rent estimation. We will consider the total living area as well as the distribution of rooms (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, etc.).

General Condition of the Property

Our agent will evaluate the overall condition of the property, considering elements such as the quality of finishes, the presence of modern amenities, recent renovations, etc. A well-maintained property in good condition tends to have a higher rental value.

Amenities and Facilities

We will assess the amenities available in the property, such as parking, balcony, terrace, garden (since Covid-19, these elements have become essential for potential tenants), cellar, laundry room, elevator, etc. These features can influence the rental value.

Level of Equipment

The agent will take into account the equipment present in the property, such as a fitted kitchen, household appliances, central heating, air conditioning, security features (alarm system, armored door), etc.

Rental Market Conditions

The real estate agent will consider the current conditions of the rental market in the specific region where the property is located. They will examine the rents charged for similar properties in the same neighborhood, taking into account supply and demand.

Specific Features

Special features of the property can also be taken into account, such as exceptional views or unique architecture.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPB)

The energy performance of your property significantly influences its rental value. Tenants are increasingly sensitive to energy efficiency and associated costs. Good energy performance can attract more tenants, justify higher rents, and provide a competitive advantage in the rental market. If you want to maximize the rental value of your property, investing in energy improvements can be a wise decision. Our real estate brokers are here to help you identify energy improvement opportunities specific to your property.

Once all this information is gathered, we will use our expertise, experience, and evaluation tools to establish a realistic rent range based on all these elements.

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